The Story of Bienali

So here I was in 1990 … a 23-year-old career woman working for her father in a thriving premium and promotional business catering to the direct marketing industry. My specialty within the direct marketing field has always been with fashion, including catalogs, magazines, and consumer beauty product companies. These fashion marketers always liked to give a free “Bag” with purchase. As their supplier, they looked to me to come up with the next “Tote to Top the Charts”. Finally, I decided that these bags needed my name on them because I knew that I could do anything that the LA and NY designers could do!

At the same time, I was flipping through my Neiman Marcus catalog looking at all the upscale bags and accessories, and comparing them to mine. I thought, gee, mine are just as good in quality, and my designs are even better! With my sourcing capabilities in China, I can provide items as nice as those found at the finest department stores to retailers, and as long as I don’t take out fancy full page ads in Town & Country and Vogue, I can dramatically beat them in price.

With that said, Bienali was underway!

Special thanks to my family for their encouragement and support, and to all my customers in direct marketing who gave me the confidence to move forward with this endeavor.

It is our goal & dream to grow bigger & better, & create a HUGE presence in the fashion/promotions industry.   Please contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions.

Lauri Konik Zessar
Bienali Promotions, LLC | 1811 St. Johns Avenue #201 | Highland Park, IL 60035
847-651-1861 | lzessar@bienali.com | www.bienali.com